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Beryl at the top of the Sassolungo ski lift A side view of the Sellegruppe

This was a fairly quiet day. We caught the Col Rodella ski lift and walked down to the head of the Sella Pass. We then caught the other ski lift up Sassolungo.

This is an awesome bit of rock Ė series of shattered teeth. You get a wonderful view from the top but you canít actually do much there. There isnít a plateau to walk round as on the Sellagruppe; just a steep drop off or a rock climb up the teeth. People do walk up. The path isnít difficult; itís simply a long haul up. We were watching those on the path from the lift. Even more do the walk down on the opposite side. Iíd have been up for that but Beryl thought it was boring.

So we returned on the lift and then worked our way down to Canazei. Initially we followed the ridge beside the Salei valley. We were planning to cut back towards Campitello but the path marked on the map simply wasn't there so we had a section of road walking down to the Sella Pass road. This was not a disaster; the weather had turned very cold and we were glad to go into a roadside inn to have a hot drink.

It was better when we left and we went first through woodlands and then down a valley bottom path to Canazei and back along our now well-used riverside walk to Campitello.


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